Cameron Jamieson

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About Cameron

Born in Brisbane and now calling Melbourne his home, Cameron was educated at an elite Brisbane Private School recieving a scholarship for his artistic promise. During this time he worked through special opportunities through educational programs around the city and the country as well as honing his crafts at home.

He spends much of his time thinking about philosophy and he is still passionate about how people work, how the world works, why things are as they are and why we are here. Cameron's preference is in the company of a few people, be them newly met or old friends, and to have a deep, non-judgemental discussion about ideas, creativity, beliefs and the human experience.

The Performer

Violin: Solo, Chamber, Orchestra, Session
Historal, Romantic Traditional, Contemporary
Violin Teacher


As an orchestral musician Cameron works with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, The Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra, Victorian Opera, Queensland's Camerata, Philharmonia Australia and for various festivals and projects around the country. He has also served as a highly respected concertmaster including at the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic, Melbourne City Opera, Australian National Academy of Music and Queensland Conservatorium's Chamber and Symphony Orchestras.

Cameron is a passionate chamber musician performing with the Southern Cross Soloists, Blackbridge, Bluestone Quartet, Auden Piano Quintet, Alchemy String Quartet and as a chamber musician at the Four Winds Festival, Crossbows Festival, Brisbane Festival and more.


As a soloist Cameron has performed with the Opera Scholars Australia (Meditation for UN Awards), Essendon Symphony (over 2 years, Bruch Violin Concerto & The Lark Ascending) as well as with the Queensland Conservatorium Chamber Orchestra (Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5).

Working as a session musician Cameron has performed on the soundtracks of many television programs in various chamber and orchestral settings including for Sony BMG, Network Ten and Screen Australia featuring many well known programs and artists.


Styles performed by Cameron vary from Historically Informed Performance Practice from the Baroque Period at 415, through to the classical period at 430. He also enjoys performing in modern traditions at 440 including contemporary music and premiering new works.

Improvising is considered to be a vital part of Cameron's performance style and has been a part of hisskill set for all of his performing life. In 2018, Cameron further developed these skills at the International School of Improvisation where his skills were recognized. 


Cameron has worked as a Teacher to several students at varying stages of development as well as mentoring chamber groups and serving as mentor to concertmaster mentor at the Essendon Symphony.

The Composer

Composer, Arranger, Producer
Production Tutor


As a Composer Cameron has written and commissioned to write music for some of Australia's leading performers including Sarah Curro, Alchemy Quartet, Bluestone and members of the Australian Youth Orchestra and Australian National Academy of Music. In 2016 Cameron wrote the original soundtrack for cult indie film "Shards, Bangers & Blood" and as score consultant for Cris Jones's "The Death and Life of Otto Bloom". Cameron often fuses his classical composition techniques with electronic elements from his electronic act seejay (as mentioned below).

Cameron regularly works as an Arranger specializing in arrangments for quartets and has produced a large body of work for his own string quartet business "Organic Quartet" and on the back of positive feedback of musicians has been commissioned by other agencies for their arrangements as well.


Production work has been a big part of Cameron's life since he began exploring MIDI composing at 10 years old. Over the years he has cultivated a unique electronic musical style under the name seejay which has seen content used in online media and advertising. Recently he was comissioned by S! Entertainment to write a track for an upcoming rhythm game where players play on a path based on the rhythmic and melodic elements of the music and aded effects. The success of this track also saw him as a production consultant for other artists on this project.

seejay has also produced multiple full length albums available for sale here and maintains a soundcloud and instagram account previewing upcoming content.

The Photographer

Studio Work, Photography, Artistic Work

Cameron is passionate about taking personal portraits that connect with the viewer and show something of the subject's personality whilst capturing them in the flattering studio conditions. The success of his individual sessions is the result of patience and mastery of the psychological process of working with a client, no matter how experienced, to bring out the best version of themselves on the day. Follow his portraiture on instagram.

Cameron also works with groups such as Arcadia Winds (including album cover), Rubiks Collective, Kiazma, Trio Anima Mundi, Corelia Quintet, Melbourne Chamber Players, Australian National Academy of Music and many more.
Cameron's final photographic output is artistic in motivation, which consists of street photography, every day scenes, abstract shapes and textures, macro photography and landscapes. Keep up to date with his artistic output on instagram.

The Businessman


Apart from managing his Photography business, Cameron runs a successful music performance service called Organic Quartet which hires the finest string musicians in Melbourne to perform at various functions, events and recordings.